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    Our leadership team is always evolving and growing to meet the needs of our diverse community in Las Vegas, NV.

  • What We Do

    What does our board team do?

    Our passionate, mission-driven leadership team dream big, and have stellar credentials and experience. The common binding thread is their commitment to social change, equality, and creating a better world. They are also all committed volunteers who do this on top of their professional job(s).


    Additionally, we believe everybody has the potential to become a great leader and we want to foster that growth.


    "Leaders create leaders, and not followers." - Kristen Noel

    Join Our Leadership Team

    Our leadership team is always evolving and growing to meet the needs of our diverse community in Southern Nevada. We want leaders who can inspire our community and drive people to stay motivated and work together to create positive change.


    Let us know what change you want to see! Let's create that change together!

  • SNAPIQS Leadership Team

    Matt Dang

    Chair, Founding Member

    Matthew Dang is a API, queer, elementary educator in Las Vegas Nevada. He has lived in Southern California, Rhode Island, and Illinois. Through SNAPIQS he hopes to create a more vibrant queer community in Vegas that can be activated to get the city and state to be even more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. You can find him at some parks social distancing and catching some pokemon, playing board games virtually, or singing karaoke songs in his room.


    Contact me at: snapiqs@gmail.com

    Ronnie Escorpiso Jr.


    Born and raised in Stockton California, Ronnie is an upbeat and positive individual who always looks at the cup half full! Ronnie graduated college in 2016 with his Bachelors of Arts- Communications/PR degree. He has lived in California for the majority of his life and only recently moved to Las Vegas to explore a brand new environment. He currently works in the technology field and aspires to work as an Operations Manager for tech. In his downtime; he enjoys listening to EDM music, going to raves, playing video games, and exploring local food shops. He also has a passion for volunteer work, getting involved in the local community, and watching Korean dramas on Netflix!


    Contact me at cochair.snapiqs@gmail.com

    Preston T.

    Public Relations Chair, Founding Member

    Preston, known as a "champion of the people," also known as GxPresto, has worked in the HIV field since 2011. Preston received his Bachelor in Social Work from San Diego State University where he began his career working with the men who have sex with men (MSM) population. Preston has since expanded his work to include all at-risk populations instituting high impact prevention interventions locally and internationally. In 2019, Preston obtained his Master's in Public Health from the University of Nevada, Reno. He currently serves as SNAPIQS Public Relations Chair. He is also a Group Fitness Instructor for U-Jam Fitness, an international fitness presenter, and Life-Long Learner.


    Contact me at: snapiqs@gmail.com

    Anonh Ratsamy


    Anonh was born and raised right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a love for technology that started from a young age when he got his first computer in the fourth grade and carried that forward through high school where he attended the Advanced Technologies Academy and then through college where he graduated from UNLV in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Informatics. He is a long time IT professional with over a decade working in the field with experience in areas ranging from Desktop Support to Systems Administration. When he's not supporting systems or troubleshooting technical issues, he enjoys listening to podcasts, working out, and watching the latest Marvel Movie/TV Show. As treasurer, he manages the finances of the organization and ensures SNAPIQS is in good shape as it continues in its mission to support the local queer API community.


    Contact me at: treasurer.snapiqs@gmail.com

    Rhaven Baldoz

    Membership Chair

    Rhaven identifies as the Ultimate Extrovert Gay Filipino/American. He was originally born in Northern California & moved out to Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of three years old. He has a passion for meeting new people & engaging everyone together when it comes to social activities or events. He’s the type of person that leaves you energized and gives welcome air hugs, or maybe sometimes Virtual Hugs! He enjoys talking to Friends & Family about anything. As a Membership Chair, Rhaven’s goal is to recruit a diverse population, including people from different ethnic backgrounds. Don’t be afraid & JOIN NOW! We are all In this Together!


    Contact me at: membership.snapiqs@gmail.com

    Judy Nalos

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Judy was born and raised in Hawai’i and moved out to Las Vegas in 2015 to attend college to become a nurse. She recently graduated from UNLV in 2019 and is now working as a Registered Nurse. Judy became a dancer at a young age and credits her dance career as a big part of who she is today. With dance not being limited to age, sex, race, or gender, dance has given Judy exposure to the LGBTQ+ community at a very young age and she has been an ally ever since. She was formally in an organization that she started with her best friends in high school called Gay-Straight Alliance Club, and was part of the leading organization named GSA Hawai’i. She had the role of spreading awareness, providing a safe environment, and planning events for the LGBTQ+ community in Hawai’i, and she hopes to do the same for SNAPIQS as the Volunteer Coordinator!


    Contact me at: snapiqs@gmail.com

    Carlo Miciano

    Community Liaison

    Carlo is a Vegas local in the queer, API community. He earned his Bachelors in the Science of Nursing at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and has a passion for public health and social issues. His life goals include traveling the world, trying new foods, and advancing in his career by getting his Masters in Nursing Education to better train future nurses in their nursing practice. As a SNAPIQS board member, he seeks to carry out the organizations' mission and foster healthy relationships with the various LGBTQIA+ and Asian-Pacific Islander organizations in the Las Vegas Valley and nationwide.


    Contact me at: community.snapiqs@gmail.com

    Kangcheng Yin

    Member at Large

    Kangcheng Yin is the owner of the Massage App and Kuma Health Club in Las Vegas. Kang was born and raised in the Northwestern region of China, moved to the United States to pursue higher education. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in geology from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Kang realized his true passion for hospitality business and entrepreneurship. He then graduated from UNLV with M.B.A. and M.S. in Hospitality Administration. Kang serves as the Treasurer for the LGBT Center of Southern Nevada Board and a Member at large for SNAPQIS. Kang has dedicated his life to chasing his WHYs and being an advocate for others. He believes that we, as a society, can do so much more for our community and help all those who are in need.

  • SNAPIQS Leadership Immortals

    SNAPIQS couldn't do our great work without their leadership, guidance, and more. We recognize the achievements of SNAPIQS Leadership Immortals for their many contributions to building our history.

    Ronnie Escorpiso Jr.



    Member at Large, Founding Member
    2019 - 2021

    Mark Evaristo

    Membership Lead

    John Ericson​

    Chair, Founding Members
    2019 - 2020

    Brian McClure

    Events Coordinator, Founding Member
    2019 - 2020

    Daniel Nero

    Marketing Lead, Founding Members
    2019 - 2020

    June Santos

    Membership Lead
    2019 - 2020
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