• Creating Change

    If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

  • What does SNAPIQS Policy Advocacy Committee do?

    Being queer and transgender while being Asian and Pacific Islander in an American society that doesn’t care or doesn’t really know what to do with either makes living our lives inherently Political. So instead of others defining our place, we have made the stride to do that for ourselves.

    Why is this important?

    Nevada is one of the four states that have biennial legislative sessions (meet every two years). Nevada Legislature sessions are held in odd-numbered years and meet for 120 consecutive days beginning the first Monday in February.

    SNAPIQS Policy Advocacy Committee

    SNAPIQS Policy Advocacy Committee speaks up loud and clear when we have to, like decrying the latest attacks on the transgender and immigrant communities. We mobilize our members to come out and vote, knock door to door, whatever we can do to help advocates for our community and influence laws affecting our well-being.

  • Together we can End HIV Nevada

    We are all affected by HIV. You can stop HIV stigma by learning the facts, speaking up, and sharing our stories.
    Can you see yourself in this cycle?
    Our silence makes you misinformed.
    When you don’t understand how you get HIV, you become afraid of people living with it.
    When you are afraid, you shame and judge, excluding people from your community.
    If you are afraid of discrimination, you’ll also be afraid of talking about HIV.
    The cycle then repeats itself.
    Let's work together to Ending the HIV Epidemic in Nevada.
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