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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Preston Tang is a young gay Vietnamese American man who currently resides in Southern Nevada. Currently, Preston works in the HIV prevention field in an AIDS Service Organization / Community Based Organization (ASOs/CBOs) in San Diego where he continues to work on deconstructing stigma surrounding HIV and raising awareness and education on the virus and those affected by it.

After watching his best friend commit suicide after being diagnosed with HIV. Preston notice an absence of young people (specifically gay and young people of color) being advocates in their own communities. Along with that, he couldn’t find organizations that mobilize the diverse, upcoming generation of leaders to promote and protect reproductive rights, sexual health, and gender justice.

As a result, Preston decided to dedicate his life to being involve in various communities by assisting them in overcoming adverse circumstances, adjusting to new environments, and communicating effectively on stigmatized topics such as mental health, reproductive justice, social justice, and health education. He currently promotes HIV testing / education, PrEP, health / wellness, and partner notification. He also spends a lot of his time advocating for expanded services for HIV preventions and treatment for various communities world wide.

Preston has dedicated his life to working alongside like minded people with a goal of ending the AIDS epidemic for good, getting new HIV infections down to zero, and reducing HIV related stigma. He also provides technical assistance and capacity building assistance around social media, utilizing mobile hookup apps, creating story telling/personal narratives, working with communities of color, rural regions, and other areas.

Preston has presented numerous workshops at conferences like the United States Conference on AIDS and has been invited by agencies around the globe to share his expertise or shared specific experiences.